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Licenses and Approvals

Licenses and approvals are not guaranteed in all jurisdictions. The Asgard GameFi ecosystem will operate in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The views expressed in this white paper represent the Asgard GameFi ecosystem, and do not reflect the jurisdiction of any government quasi-government, authority or public official policy or position agency (including but not limited to any regulatory agency in any jurisdiction).


Any project has potential systemic and non-systematic risks associated with it. The contents in this white paper only describe the resources controlled by the project, the actual development situation, and its long-term vision. It is used to convey current information on the project and is not intended to provide any investment advice. This document does not constitute and is not understood as an invitation, request or recommendation for any sale and/or purchase, and is not a contract or promise in any form. Participation in Asgard Game Fi is intended to be purely for the enjoyment of the community and the resulting gaming ecosystem that utilizes the revolutionary blockchain technology. As a new model and technology, digital asset have various potential risks. VOLT, MEAD, and any other of our tokens belongs to the category of digital assets, and price fluctuations are normal and expected. Participants are required to carefully assess their personal risks, perform due diligence, and have adequate risk tolerance and risk management practices in place. The blockchain and the associated metaverse is still in early stages of development, the supervision of blockchain projects in various countries has not yet been determined, and changes in project operation and management are not ruled out.

Participation Agreement

Once an individual participates in this project, it means that they understand and accept the potential pitfalls and risks of this project, has performed due diligence, and is willing to bear the corresponding results.
The Asgard team is not responsible for any direct or indirect asset losses caused by participating in the Asgard GameFi project. The digital assets market is unpredictable, cryptocurrencies carry a very high level of risk and you need to be extremely cautious when participating in such high risk projects.

Closing Statements

Cryptocurrencies have an inherently high level of risk involved.
The digital assets market is unpredictable and carries a high level of risk.
The blockchain and the metaverse are in the very early stages of development.
Perform adequate due diligence and have proper risk mitigation practices in place.
Practice safe financial well-being practices.
Loki's Warning:
Nothing in this documentation constitutes financial advice. Please Do Your Own Research and use your best judgement when making financial decisions.
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