Short Term Synopsis

In the short term, the Aesir will be focused on continued community development, growth, and support. We also have a team of mods for this very purpose. We want to build a strong community of Asgardians that care about Asgard!

Roadmap Schedule

Q1 2022
  • Prepare GitBook Documentation
  • Release Official Telegram
  • Release GitBook Documentation
  • Release Official Disgård (Discord)
  • Develop Asgard Front-End
  • Develop Asgard application interface
  • Develop Asgard Smart Contracts
  • Deploy Smart Contracts to Avalanche Main-net
  • Asgard Official Launch
  • Begin marketing campaign - After Launch - Creating a fair-launch environment
  • Midgardian NFT Generation Alpha Collection Release
  • Secure partnerships
Q2 2022
  • Midgard Alpha Release
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Short Term Synopsis
Roadmap Schedule