What is MEAD (🍻, 🍻)

Born out of the community, Thor's Mead, is our reflecting meme coin.
A reflections tax is debited from each Buy/Sell that "Reflects" to holders passively. 6% Slippage is required to transact MEAD and upon selling one must avoid decimal points.
MEAD is the PREMIUM currency of Midgard. It will be used to upgrade legendary equipment, unlock exclusive items, used in special events, speed up in game actions, along with other unannounced features.
All MEAD that will ever exist has been minted. It will continue to deflate and become more valuable over time. It will become rarer and rarer, it is a special delicacy crafted by the gods themselves. MEAD will not be awarded in Midgard, it can not be earned in the game.

Acquiring MEAD

  1. 1.
    You can acquire MEAD from Trader Joe using AVAX. Use the link below.
  2. 2.
    Set slippage to 6%.
Trader Joe
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What is MEAD (🍻, 🍻)
Acquiring MEAD