A real-time, Nordic themed, fantasy MMORPG blockchain game
Midgard Online is the gaming realm of The Nine Realms ecosystem. This realm will be filled with Midgardian NFTs that are will be minted with AVAX and tokens from ecosystem.
Own your NFT Midgardians. Upgrade them with unique armor, weapons and items. Challenge the best of the best in PVP to claim dominance. And for the ambitious, form guilds and create empires all while utilizing the economy of Asgard. Play-and-Earn, like it should be
MEAD, VOLT, DRAC, and AVAX will all have functions in Midgard.
Midgard Online Alpha release is currently scheduled for Q2 in 2022. More information will be announced as progress is made in development.

Economy of Midgard

The Player Regulated Asgardian Economy encompasses; Item Trade, Mount Trade, Upgrades and Enchantments, Quests and Boss Slaying, Farming, Mining, and more.
This means that if someone hasn't mined the mineral you want. It will not exist. NPC Traders will sell the most basic of Weapons and Potions. The rest you will have to craft yourself.
This means that the Grand Market and its Branches will have heavy impact in the game and Players who decide to dedicate themselves to the grind will be richly rewarded for their efforts.
Players dedicated to seeing the Darke of the land washed away by the blaze of their Swords and Spells will reap the plentiful DRAC to be made in doing so.
A land of Producers and Consumers, where players can use their skills to go from Noob to Don or beyond.
Trade, Fight, Create Guilds, own Houses, collect Rent, buy Businesses.
A place where one can be the most powerful Warrior, or the most influential Merchant. A Jarl of great renown, or an Enchanter of infamy. Be you a cutthroat or tenderfoot, a Guybrush or a Ladyhand. It matters not in Midgard. All that matters is you!
Midgard release is currently scheduled for Q2 in 2022. More information will be announced as progress is made in this realm.
Mimir's Knowledge
Your words have power Asgardians. In the future, we will conduct voting using AMP tokens (staked VOLT) as our governance token. Please submit your proposals within the Disgard, and those who obtain the most positive reactions will go to an official vote.
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