Odin's Favour (FVOR)
Odin's Favour, FVOR, keeps track of Asgardian's favorable activities within ecosystem. FVOR cannot be bought, sold, or transferred. It can only earned within The Nine Realms.
FVOR is granted every rebase to each Asgardian that keeps their VOLT tokens in the Forge of Asgard. The rate at which FVOR is granted is based on the FRR (Favour Reward Rate).
A higher FVOR balance allows you to ascend citizenship tiers in Asgard and places you in progressively lower tax brackets among other perks. FVOR balance will also have a measurable positive effect on your stats such as luck in Midgard Online.
Periodically, the Aesir may adjust the FRR to increase the amount of FVOR awarded per rebase. These augmented emissions rates will be reserved for special occasions, events, and holidays that will be announced by the Aesir.
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