Asgardian Protocol Fees
Anti-Exploit Mechanics
Asgard utilizes mechanics to prevent exploitation of the protocol while properly incentivizing citizens to promote a healthy ecosystem.
Asgardians pay a progressive tax that is incurred when you sell your VOLT tokens. The tax rate is based on your Asgardian Citizenship tier.
Asgardians will also incur a tax on all transfers of VOLT to prevent manipulation in the ecosystem. There is a tax on all VOLT transfers between wallets.
This will effectively disincentivize any attempts to circumvent the Citizenship system we have created. If an Asgardian citizen is committed to building their reputation within our ecosystem, this mechanism demonstrates that we are committed to rewarding our most favoured citizens.
These taxes are in place to disincentivize malicious behavior in the ecosystem and to provide Odin's Vault with the necessary funds to secure the health of the protocol.
The Aesir are determined to provide an honest and forward thinking service to Asgardians.
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