The Nine Realms

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Together as a community we can build something unlike anything seen before. An ecosystem built for longevity and stability.

Asgardian's Creed

  1. 1.
    One shalt pledge 1,000 Mead, as is required to enter Asgard.
  2. 2.
    Thy time in Asgard is Favored over thy timing Asgard. (Gain FVOR by staking your VOLT)
  3. 3.
    Ye shall be smited for irresponsible transfers.
  4. 4.
    Fear ye the All Father’s Wrath. ( WRTH is generated upon selling VOLT)

Mission Statement

Asgard GameFi is build the Nine Realms ecosystem on the Avalanche Network.
The primary token of the protocol is VOLT. This token represents a users part in The Nine Realms ecosystem and is planned to carry various functions across the entirety of the ecosystem starting with utility as a premium currency within the Midgard Online Metaverse.
The Asgard protocol is composed of various unique mechanisms. Most notably, the reputation system and Asgardian Citizenship tiers. These systems are built into the entire ecosystem and will enable you to receive benefits for actions on your part that benefit the protocol. See Asgardian Citizenship for more details.
Odin's Hint
Join the Official Disgard to stay in the loop about Asgard developments.