Asgardian Economy

Inert Tokens (Non-Transferable*)

Odin's Favour

Odin's Favour (FVOR) accrued by locking VOLT in the Forge of Asgard. The collection of FVOR should be the utmost priority of any Asgardian as it determines your reputation, and thus, your citizenship tier status.

Odin's Wrath

Odin's Wrath (WRTH) is accrued by selling VOLT. When WRTH is accrued, Asgardians will descend citizenship tiers and incur higher taxes in the ecosystem. You may repair your reputation in Muspell.

Whitelist Tokens

Mimir's Blessing (WL #1)

Mimir's Blessing (BLSS) was offered to the 100 most active Asgardians during the creation of Asgard. The holder's of BLSS begin their journey in citizenship Tier 1. BLSS is non-transferrable.

Mimir's Gift (WL #2)

Mimir's Gift (GIFT) is a gift from Mimir himself and gives the holders 50 reputation points upon entering Asgard. *Gifts may be transferred to other Asgardians.

Economy Tokens (Transferable)

Asgardian Aereus (VOLT)

The Asgardian Aereus, VOLT, is the currency of the gods. VOLT is the treasury token of Asgard, and the rest of The Nine Realms.

Asgardian Promissory (AMP)

The Asgardian Promissory, AMP, is the governance token of Asgard. Holding AMP allows Asgardians to enter Odin's Throne and partake in voting for the future of Asgard. AMP is received at a 1:1 ratio for VOLT upon locking VOLT in the Forge of Asgard.

Wrapped Asgardian Promissory (WAMP)

The Wrapped Asgardian Promissory, WAMP, is the wrapped form of AMP. Holding WAMP provides the same benefits as holding AMP.

Thor's Mead (MEAD)

Thor's Mead, MEAD, was borne of the community and adopted as the community "memecoin". MEAD is a deflationary token with upcoming utility in Midgard Online, the Play and Earn realm.